Root fractures – Horizontal

Definition: A horizontal root fracture is a fracture through the root of a tooth in a horizontal direction (just like the name).

Radiographic Features:

Location: This can occur with any tooth.

Edge: Sharp line or two lines with the lines meeting at the edge of the root.  Both a single line or two lines are only one fracture plane.

Shape: Usually linear.  It can have more of a curve or jagged appearance.

Internal: Radiolucent.

Other: There may or may not be separation of the two segments of the root.

Number: It may be either single or multiple.

(click image to enlarge)

Horizontal root fracture – with two lines

(left – with arrows) (right – without arrows)

Horizontal root fracture

(distal root of mandibular right second molar – #31)

Horizontal root fracture

(maxillary left lateral incisor – # 10)

Horizontal root fracture

(maxillary left first premolar – #12)


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