Arterial calcifications

Definition: Calcification within an arterty. Two different types can be seen – Monckeberg’s medial calcinosis (arteriosclerosis) and Calcified atherosclerotic plaque.  Below will include descriptions for both.

Radiographic Features:

Location: Carotid artery bifurcation – near level of C3 – C4 on CBCT and near greater horn of hyoid on pantomographs, facial artery – seen over posterior mandible.

Edge: Well-defined.

Shape: Linear to curved (same shape as artery) to irregular masses in a vertical orientation.

Internal: Radiopaque lines with radiolucent center (similar to a canal in bone) and/or mixed radiopaque/radiolucent to radiopaque.

Other: None.

Number: May be unilateral or bilateral.

Arterial calcifications

(arrows – irregular masses on right near C3-C4 level)

Arterial calcifications – bilateral

Arterial calcifications – CBCT


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