Nasopalatine Canal Cyst

Definition: A nonodontogenic cyst that forms in the nasopalatine canal.  This is commonly an incidental finding.  This is also referred to as a nasopalatine duct cyst and/or an incisive canal cyst.

Radiographic Features:

Location: Anterior maxilla between apices of maxillary central incisors.

Edge: Well-defined. Corticated.

Shape: Round to ovoid.  In the past, the nasopalatine canal cyst was referred to as having a ‘heart’ shape.  This ‘heart’ shape was actually created by the superimposition of the anterior nasal spine at the superior aspect of the lesion.  So while this term may still be thrown around, a nasopalatine canal cyst is not truly ‘heart’ shaped.

Internal: Radiolucent, unilocular

Other: A nasopalatine canal cyst should be considered when the size of the incisive foramen is enlarged greater than 1 cm.   The lamina dura of the maxillary central incisors are intact indicating the lesion is not associated with either tooth.  It may displace or resorb adjacent teeth as it enlarges.

Number: Single.

Nasopalatine Canal Cyst

Nasopalatine Canal Cyst

Nasopalatine Canal Cyst


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