Lateral Periodontal Cyst

Definition: A cyst that forms lateral to a vital tooth. These are commonly incidental findings.

Radiographic Features:

Location: Most commonly found between the mandibular lateral incisor to second premolar.  In the maxilla, most commonly found near the lateral incisor.

Edge: Well-defined. Corticated.

Shape: Round to ovoid.

Internal: Radiolucent, unilocular.  A multilocular lateral peridontal cyst is referred to as a botryoid odontogenic cyst.

Other: The size is typically less than 1 cm in diameter.  This may obliterate the lamina dura of the adjacent teeth.  It may displace or resorb adjacent teeth as it enlarges.

Number: Typically single, but may be multiple (uncommon).

Lateral periodontal cyst – mandible

Lateral periodontal cyst – maxilla

Botryoid odontogenic cyst – mandible


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