This week in the clinic: Natural tooth pontic

This week I have a case of being resourceful when restoring the oral cavity.  This case shows the crowns of the maxillary central incisors were separated from the roots and used as pontics while the bone was healing (with graft material) prior to implants being placed.  There isn’t much more to say on this case so check it out below.  Let me know if you use this technique in your clinic or see it frequently.


This week in the clinic is a weekly series featuring cases I have come across since I started in the dental field.  These cases have been collected from throughout the United States and world.  While the series title is ‘This week in the clinic’, that does not necessarily mean the case was actually seen this week in the clinic.


About Dr. Shawneen Gonzalez

Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist having fun finding cool things on radiographs. :)

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  1. Thanks Dr. for these great articles.

    Teeth that had to be removed or extracted rarely has an intact crown, which would limit the use of this technique. Don’t you think so?

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