This week in the clinic: Enamel pearl

This week I am showing a case of an enamel pearl along with the clinical photo of the tooth after it was extracted.  Enamel pearls are an extra ‘blob’ of enamel near the furcation area on molars.   They will present as circular radiopaque areas near the furcation.   They can be tricky to interpret on radiographs due to superimposition of adjacent roots on some periapicals and bitewings.  For this reason it is important to have at least two radiographs with different angulations (either vertical or horizontal).  This will show if the enamel pearl is seen on both radiographs or if the increased radiopaque area was due to superimposition of adjacent roots.  This case was an enamel pearl on a maxillary third molar.  Note the circular radiopaque area near the furcation.  The clinical photo was at the time of the extraction showing the enamel pearl on the tooth.  (This is the first case on the enamel pearl page.)

For more information and other radiographs of enamel pearls check out the page on enamel pearls.


This week in the clinic is a weekly series featuring cases I have come across since I started in the dental field.  These cases have been collected from throughout the United States and world.  While the series title is ‘This week in the clinic’, that does not necessarily mean the case was actually seen this week in the clinic.


About Dr. Shawneen Gonzalez

Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist having fun finding cool things on radiographs. :)

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