This week in the clinic: Dilaceration

This week I have a case of dilaceration (an abnormal curvature of a root or roots).  It is important to note that a dilaceration is an ABNORMAL curvature and not to be confused with roots that normally have a slight curve to them (such as the mesio-buccal and disto-buccal roots of a maxillary first molar).  Dilacerations are important to note before beginning endodontic treatment.  If it is not noted before, it can make for quite a difficult procedure.  This case is a dilacerated maxillary canine in the apical third of the root.

For more information and other radiographs of dilaceration check out my page on dilaceration.


This week in the clinic is a weekly series featuring cases I have come across since I started in the dental field.  These cases have been collected from throughout the United States and world.  While the series title is ‘This week in the clinic’, that does not necessarily mean the case was actually seen this week in the clinic.


About Dr. Shawneen Gonzalez

Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist having fun finding cool things on radiographs. :)

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